Millions of Americans showed they value work-life balance and flexibility above all else with the Great Resignation. It’s no surprise those educated and motivated workers embraced direct sales to supplement and even replace their full time jobs. 

Are you an e-commerce direct to consumer retailer trying to do more? Let’s discuss the awesomeness of direct sales that you don’t hear and the secret to the booming industry worth over $180 billion!

The direct sales channel has a stronger ROI than advertising

If you were to launch a new sales channel of any other type, you’d expect to dish out hundreds of thousands of dollars and hope for an ROI in a few years. However, if you have an established e-commerce brand – the cost of adding a direct sales channel is minimal. DirectFlo clients recoup the investment of adding the new channel in as little as 4 months and see an average lift in revenue of 32%.

DirectFlo makes it easy for retailers to offset the technology fee by rolling it into a monthly consultant fee. This, along with DirectFlo’s direct sales training platform allows retailers to see an ROI that is much stronger than paid advertising.

Direct sales does NOT mean spammy sales 

Direct sellers who are not properly educated and equipped with modern direct selling techniques often come off spammy completely unintentionally. Companies who focus on ensuring the sales field has quality training, brand guidelines and clear policies are the ones who see the most growth. New sellers often come into a company extremely excited and loving the product, but they do not come into the company knowing how to sell, how to build a company, how to strategically plan and how to lead a team.

Your sellers can present your brand in an elevated way as long as they are on-boarded and trained with DirectFlo’s training platform. If you don’t have the in-house expertise to build the strategies, guidelines and policies, you can bring on the years of successful experience with the DirectFlo team.

Direct sellers are extremely loyal

51% of direct sellers anticipate working with their current direct sales company for more than 10 years according to the 2021 Direct Sales Insights Report. Full time employees average a tenure of just 4.1 years. This kind of loyalty shows that if you invest in them, they will invest with you.

Direct sales can be single-level (and not multi-level)

While multi-level marketing is the most common way to build a direct sales channel, it’s not the only way. Single-level direct sales is an extremely effective alternative to traditional affiliate marketing as it allows you to cultivate relationships and build a community of smart sellers that are dedicated to your brand’s success. The compensation model on a single-level direct sales channel is commission on sales only as they do not recruit other sales reps to receive more income. Read how DirectFlo client PixieLane knocked it out of the park with 50% one year sales growth with a single-level direct sales channel.

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Real client success based on 90 days of sales after the launch with DirectFlo. The client is an established fashion brand that is still experiencing incredible growth!