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Results with DirectFlo:

  • Over 2,000 orders and $50,000 in revenue in 90 days
  • Reached 100% ROI on DirectFlo investment in 3 months

Company Info: Herbal & Herbs Apothecary is a herbal, tea, bath and body business based in Brisbane, Australia. They are known for their small batches, fresh-to-order, organic, vegan and natural herb-based remedies. Founder Jade Gustavsson is an herbalist that handcrafts products to promote healing from within. With a background in the direct sales industry, Jade was passionate about creating a business model leveraging representatives to spread the word about her amazing products. Herbal & Herbs started as a party-plan, multi-level marketing direct sales business and has since evolved to a single-level direct sales and wholesale business. As a business owner with a small team, she found the need to equip her representatives with the training required to be successful. She also struggled with finding a tech partner to support her growing direct sales channel.

Process: In Spring 2020, Herbal & Herbs Apothecary partnered with DirectFlo to provide cutting-edge training to over 200  representatives through Herbal & Herbs University. After much frustration with several tech partners, DirectFlo was implemented as a back office solution in September 2020 to provide an easy-to-use system for the team at Herbal & Herbs, as well as the sales force.

We were struggling with our social selling channel technology and the opportunity was being strangled by this bad tech that was supposedly a leader in direct sales. Unfortunately, that platform wasn’t mobile-friendly and the customer service was lacking.

After several months of frustration, lost productivity and loss of revenue opportunity, we knew we needed an actual all-in-one solution. Our 200+ representatives were already using Becky’s Modern Direct Seller University as part of their onboarding experience and for continued sales training and we were so excited to hear that they also had a back-office solution that worked seamlessly with the learning platform. We knew that they would give us the support and attention we needed as a small and growing company. And, they delivered!

In the first 3 months using the complete DirectFlo solution, we received over 2,000 orders and $50,000 in revenue which was 100% ROI in the DirectFlo solution! Our representatives were so happy to have a mobile friendly, easy-to-navigate solution providing them the training and back office access all in one spot to grow their business.

We are so grateful to Becky, Jeremy and the entire team for making it so easy to succeed at social selling! Thank you!

Jade Gustavsson

Founder & CEO, Herbal & Herbs Apothecary

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Results with DirectFlo:

  • 32% Increase in total sales after 90 days
  • First 30 days, added an extra $10k+ in revenue and brought in over 100 new customers

Company Info: Laurie Felt Los Angeles (LFLA) is a premium denim collection designed to give women the freedom to feel real. The Founder, Laurie Feltheimer, is a mom, wife, designer and entrepreneur. She built a clothing line called Hot in Hollywood that was inspired by what celebrities wore on the red carpet sold exclusively through HSN and QVC. After finding the best denim, she shifted her business based on the inspiration she found from real women in her Heartfelt community. LFLA is currently sold through QVC and launched their own online store in February 2021.

Process: In June 2021, the DirectFlo team partnered with LFLA to launch a single-level direct sales channel. In 4 short months, the LFLA Ambassador program was launched with 12 Founding Ambassadors. During this time, we determined the business model, compensation plan, policies and legal documentation as well as systems and infrastructure to support the business. Custom training content was incorporated into LFLA University. We also created a series of focus group sessions to create buy-in among the Founding Ambassador community.

The Laurie Felt Los Angeles Team is so passionate about putting women in business and wanted to add a direct sales channel to our brand, but we didn’t have the bandwidth or expertise to do it on our own. We brought in Becky, Jeremy and the DirectFlo team to quickly and seamlessly launch our Ambassador Program.

In 4 quick months, they were able to help us develop a brand new direct sales channel from start to finish. We completely exceeded our expectations and in the first 30 days. We added an extra $10k+ in revenue and brought in over 100 new customers.

We are so thankful for the thoughtful, agile and knowledgeable delivery and support from Becky and Jeremy’s team because we now have the business model and systems to support this new rapidly growing revenue stream.

The best part is that we are setting up our new ambassadors for success using our own branded university using the DirectFlo training platform which seamlessly integrates with our back office software – so we get everything we need in an all-in-one solution!

We are thrilled this new revenue stream can help us rely less on paid advertising by empowering our Ambassadors to wear, share and earn from a product they are passionate about! Thank you so much Becky, Jeremy and the DirectFlo team!

Lauren Wilner

President, Laurie Felt Los Angeles

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Results with DirectFlo:

  • 50% Year-over-year growth

Company Info: PixieLane is a female-founded fashion company out of Los Angeles, California that started in late 2017. PixieLane is a single-level direct sales company built on a wholesale model, with a newly added direct to consumer (DTC) channel. The company is built for moms by moms that love their kids, love to work and love fashion. They are known for ultra-soft and comfy clothes made in the USA that kids truly love — and, have expanded into apparel for the entire family. Rather than the traditional wholesale model, selling to brick and mortar stores, PixieLane deploys a sales force of moms passionate about looking for an opportunity for flexible entrepreneurship. While PixieLane has a background in fashion, they were new to direct sales and were looking for support and training for their growing community of 850+ direct sellers.

Process: The DirectFlo team started working with PixieLane in late 2019. Becky has supported their growth through consultant acquisition, onboarding, training through PixieLane University built on the DirectFlo platform, and community management over the last two years. This includes overseeing marketing, recruitment and sales strategy, as well as the launch of the DTC website and ambassador program.

We discovered Becky + DirectFlo as we were searching for direct sales training to equip our consultants. As we built PixieLane, we saw the power of social selling and wanted to empower moms to have the benefit of flexible entrepreneurship.

Our expertise is in our product and brand and the missing piece on our team was expertise around how to provide the best training and support for our growing consultant community built on a single level compensation plan where there is no team leader or upline like traditional direct sales. This means PixieLane HQ is the “leader” responsible for helping every new consultant launch all the way to helping a consultant when they get stuck in a rut or just need encouragement around the next step in their business.

Being able to deploy PixieLane University using the DirectFlo training platform allowed us to pull the industry’s best training, plus overlay training specific to our needs. Thanks to that and the incredible guidance by Becky – we have grown 50% YOY!

We are maintaining that growth because our consultant and ambassador community is excited, motivated and engaged by working with Becky and the team at DirectFlo.

Yoni Kassar

CEO, PixieLane


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