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Direct Sales Industry Expert Becky Launder Launches DirectFlo to Help Small Retailers Easily Scale by Launching a Direct Sales Channel


81% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts and DirectFlo helps small and medium-sized e-commerce retailers tap into the social selling opportunity.


SAN DIEGO, CA – Becky Launder, the founder and CEO of the #1 direct sales training platform, Modern Direct Seller, has launched DirectFlo to answer the needs of small and medium-sized e-commerce retailers looking to expand their business by adding a direct sales or multi-level marketing revenue stream.

DirectFlo fills a void that is currently not serviced by large-scale enterprise solutions by providing a flexible and affordable all-in-one direct sales back office solution pre-loaded with sales team training and launch consulting support by an industry leader.

“We created DirectFlo in response to multiple inquiries from companies who use our Modern Direct Seller training platform and needed more help. We built our proprietary back-office software solution to meet the needs of those business owners and we have been able to create incredible success even before we officially launched!” says Becky Launder, DirectFlo Co-founder & CEO.

DirectFlo has three consecutive successes under their belt with brands across industries and geography including a 32% revenue increase after 90 days for QVC brand Laurie Felt Los Angeles, 2,000+ orders with $50,000 in revenue in 90 days of launch for Australian brand Herbal & Herbs Apothecary and 50% one year growth for children’s fashion brand PixieLane.

“The e-commerce landscape is rapidly changing and most retailers are dumping boatloads of money into paid advertising to combat this, however there is a more effective way to grow the business. I’m excited to help small and medium-sized retailers harness the power of social sales and offer them my experience as an award-winning multi-million dollar producing leader and trainer” said Launder.

DirectFlo is the only direct sales software solution to offer both a back-office and a pre-loaded training program in one while also offering the most affordable pricing in the market. The pricing model allows the company to scale by separating the setup fee from the user fees. The DirectFlo training platform, which is pre-loaded with Modern Direct Seller® training curriculum, is $5 per month per user and available as a stand-alone service. The DirectFlo back-office all-in-one software is $7-$10 per month per user and available as a stand-alone service. Both services require setup fees and user minimums – pricing stated in USD. For more information on pricing visit



About DirectFlo

DirectFlo allows a retailer to quickly, seamlessly and successfully launch a direct sales channel with their established Shopify or WooCommerce store. DirectFlo is an all-in-one solution offering the easiest direct sales back office software, a pre-loaded training platform with the #1 training program by Modern Direct Seller and launch consulting for teams who don’t have the in-house expertise to launch a direct sales channel. For more information visit


About Modern Direct Seller

Modern Direct Seller is DirectFlo’s sister brand that provides direct sales training to individual direct sellers from hundreds of companies around the world. Thousands of direct sellers have been trained by Becky Launder through the Modern Direct Seller Academy. The Modern Direct Seller Facebook group remains one of the most active networking and training groups for over 9,000 direct sellers. For more information visit

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Real client success based on 90 days of sales after the launch with DirectFlo. The client is an established fashion brand that is still experiencing incredible growth!