How can we help your direct sales business grow?

We were struggling with our social selling channel technology and the opportunity was being strangled by this bad tech that was supposedly a leader in direct sales.

In the first 3 months using the complete DirectFlo solution, we received over 2,000 orders and $50,000 in revenue which was 100% ROI in the DirectFlo solution! Our representatives were so happy to have a mobile friendly, easy-to-navigate solution providing them the training and back office access all in one spot to grow their business.

We are so grateful to Becky, Jeremy and the entire team for making it so easy to succeed at social selling! Thank you!

Jade Gustavsson

Founder & CEO, Herbal & Herbs Apothecary

Training + Strategy!

Bringing in an outside expert that has a pulse on the ever-changing industry can save you countless hours and set your company up for success. We are here to help!