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Becky Launder is a former multi-million dollar direct sales team leader who is also a 3-time founder, keynote speaker, top 5 direct sales podcast host and author.

Becky Launder is redefining the meaning of direct sales for a new generation of entrepreneurs and is the secret behind the success of many direct sales businesses.

As a leader turned trainer, Becky is uniquely positioned to address the most challenging aspects of selling in today’s direct selling environment.

In an industry where usually only 1-3% succeed in hitting their goals, Becky’s clients – both corporate and consultants – are experiencing sustainable success.

Direct Sales Corporate
Consulting Services

with Direct Sales Industry Expert Becky Launder starting at $5,000

Do you need help launching a training program?

Do you lack the in-house expertise to up-level your direct sales business?

We offer a complete consulting service for all facets of a direct sales business including:


  • business plan
  • compensation plan
  • policies & procedures
  • branding
  • training
  • on-boarding
  • growth strategy

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Direct Sales Corporate
Consulting success stories


The Laurie Felt Los Angeles Team is so passionate about putting women in business and wanted to add a direct sales channel to our brand, but we didn’t have the bandwidth or expertise to do it on our own. We brought in Becky, Jeremy and the DirectFlo team to quickly and seamlessly launch our Ambassador Program.

In 4 quick months, they were able to help us develop a brand new direct sales channel from start to finish. We completely exceeded our expectations and in the first 30 days. We added an extra $10k+ in revenue and brought in over 100 new customers.

We are so thankful for the thoughtful, agile and knowledgeable delivery and support from Becky and Jeremy’s team because we now have the business model and systems to support this new rapidly growing revenue stream.

The best part is that we are setting up our new ambassadors for success using our own branded university using the DirectFlo training platform which seamlessly integrates with our back office software – so we get everything we need in an all-in-one solution!

We are thrilled this new revenue stream can help us rely less on paid advertising by empowering our Ambassadors to wear, share and earn from a product they are passionate about! Thank you so much Becky, Jeremy and the DirectFlo team!

Lauren Wilner

President, Laurie Felt Los Angeles

We were struggling with our social selling channel technology and the opportunity was being strangled by this bad tech that was supposedly a leader in direct sales. Unfortunately, that platform wasn’t mobile-friendly and the customer service was lacking.

After several months of frustration, lost productivity and loss of revenue opportunity, we knew we needed an actual all-in-one solution. Our 200+ representatives were already using Becky’s Modern Direct Seller University as part of their onboarding experience and for continued sales training and we were so excited to hear that they also had a back-office solution that worked seamlessly with the learning platform. We knew that they would give us the support and attention we needed as a small and growing company. And, they delivered!

In the first 3 months using the complete DirectFlo solution, we received over 2,000 orders and $50,000 in revenue which was 100% ROI in the DirectFlo solution! Our representatives were so happy to have a mobile friendly, easy-to-navigate solution providing them the training and back office access all in one spot to grow their business.

We are so grateful to Becky, Jeremy and the entire team for making it so easy to succeed at social selling! Thank you!

Jade Gustavsson

Founder & CEO, Herbal & Herbs Apothecary