Thinking about DIY’ing your new direct sales channel? 😬 You’ll definitely want to read this first!

Spoiler alert: if you want an ROI in months, not years – the DIY path is going to be HARD.

Your product is rock-solid. Your customers share the love on Instagram. Your team has perfected sourcing and fulfillment. Now, it’s time to scale and you know direct sales is where it’s at. 

And now you’re excited to learn more about HOW. You might be feeling that adding a direct sales channel to your already established e-commerce brand sounds daunting. 

But, we have good news! It’s not hard to launch a direct sales channel as long as you bring in DirectFlo.

Here are the 5 things you need to think about before launching your new direct sales channel.

1. Adding direct sales does not require another e-commerce site.

Adding direct sales to your e-commerce store is easy with DirectFlo. We leverage your existing technology and integrate directly with your Shopify or WooCommerce store. That means no new websites will need to be created and everything will flow through your current point of sale platform.

2. Your best customers can be the fuel you need to launch!

It’s important to think about your launch strategy and how you’re going to bring in your founding consultants. Your founding consultants are extremely important to the success of your new direct sales effort. We bet you have a group of customers who are already telling their friends all about your product, sharing on social media, tagging you everywhere – all without any incentive to do so! Think of how excited they would be if you extended an invitation for them to join the team as a founding consultant and receive commission!

3. Direct sales comes in many packages, not just multi-level.

A common misconception about direct sales is that it’s always and only multi-level marketing or MLM. While multi-level marketing is the most common way to build a direct sales channel, it’s not the only way. Single-level direct sales is an extremely effective alternative to traditional affiliate marketing as it allows you to cultivate relationships and build a community of smart sellers that are dedicated to your brand’s success. The compensation model on a single-level direct sales channel is commission on sales only as they do not recruit other sales reps to receive more income. Read how DirectFlo client PixieLane knocked it out of the park with 50% one year sales growth with a single-level direct sales channel. No matter what structure you feel is best for your company and brand, the DirectFlo team can support you.

4. You’ll need a direct sales consultant training platform. 

You’re going to need to train your new sales consultants because sales is a skill! You may be thinking that is a complicated custom effort, but the great news is that it’s not with DirectFlo! It’s important that the new consultants understand your product, your brand and how your direct sales channel will work. You can accomplish this by having a university tailored to your product/industry. DirectFlo allows you to seamlessly connect your direct sales back office with your university content – all while using a single sign-on.

5. Customer and consultant support are crucial.

Once you turn the lights on and launch, you’ll need to be ready to provide the best service to not only your new customers – but also your new consultants. You will need to make sure you have the business infrastructure to manage the increased flow of questions, concerns and needs. If you’re not sure how you will manage this piece, our team has the experience to help you create a strategy. 


It’s not hard, as long as you have experience on your side. 

Launching a new direct sales channel is definitely not a DIY-friendly project for those who don’t have the in-house expertise. You are the expert in your product and your customer. We are the experts in turning your direct sales dream into a reality.

To wrap it up:

  • Adding direct sales to your existing ecommerce store is easy with DirectFlo
  • Realize 100% ROI in months
  • You don’t have to go it alone as we are more than software, DirectFlo is truly an all-in-one solution for your back-office, training platform and launch strategy.

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Real client success based on 90 days of sales after the launch with DirectFlo. The client is an established fashion brand that is still experiencing incredible growth!