7 Tips to Setup Direct Sales Consultants for a Successful Fall Season

Jun 5, 2022 | 0 comments

I’m excited to share 7 tips that your direct sales company can implement to really set up consultants for success before the fall selling season arrives.

We all LOVE fall and it’s coming FAST! Let’s make sure your sales force is equipped with all the tools to make the most this fall shopping season.

And, if you need any help at HQ – I do that too! Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Becky Launder
Co-founder and CEO, DirectFlo & Modern Direct Seller®
[email protected]

If you’ve done all the things and need ideas you can act on fast – this is for you!

Boost sales and recruiting momentum this summer with these tips. 


Download the PDF for sales tips the corporate office team can do to help the sales field thrive this fall season!


    • What events will help your field recruit more?
    • What does your field need in order to show up more on social media?
    • How can the company attract lifestyle influencers to sell your products?
    • What are some ideas for short term incentives to boost sales?
    • How can home office help the sales field flourish with daily sales activities, not just specific days of the week?

Let’s hit those goals and avoid the summer slump!