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2022 Direct Sales Insights Industry Forecast Shows Virtual Selling Is the New Normal

83% of Direct Sales Consultants Plan to Stay in Their Current Company for Years to Come According to Direct Sales Trend Report


SAN DIEGO, CA – Modern Direct Seller released results from its Direct Sales Insights Survey today providing a 2022 direct sales industry trend forecast. The Direct Sales Insights annual survey is the first of its kind to survey the independent sales consultants to gather trends and get a pulse of the direct selling industry through the consultant point of view.


The Direct Sales Insights Survey included over 300 independent consultants from over 90 companies. The data was collected in 2021 as many direct sellers reflected on the growth of their online direct sales business during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey was developed by Becky Launder, the Co-founder and CEO of Modern Direct Seller and DirectFlo.


“As a direct sales trainer and strategist, I often get to see inside how direct sellers are running their businesses,” says Becky Launder. “The need to identify shifts in the industry, market trends and how technology is shaping the direct sales sector directly from the consultants point-of-view is why we started the Direct Sales Insights Survey.”

The Direct Sales Insights Survey reports the following data points directly from independent direct sales consultants:


  • 83% of sellers aren’t going anywhere and plan to stay with their current company for 3 or more years. Over 43% report wanting to leave their jobs to be full time in their direct sales business.
  • 91% of Modern Direct Sellers are college educated. The great resignation has seen millions of college educated women leave unfulfilling careers for the flexibility of a direct sales business.

The 2022 Direct Sales Insights Survey reported the following data points directly on the industry:

  • Post-pandemic business growth will continue to thrive for direct sellers who adapt and innovate. The popularity of digital platforms has disrupted traditional distribution channels, increased reach of social networks, and changed the way people interact. Modern direct sales consultants have embraced virtual selling and spend an average of 81% of their time selling online and hosting virtual events. 41% of sellers report hosting 4 or more virtual events a month.
  • 2021 was a stand-out year for personal branding in the direct sales industry. Modern direct sellers are not relying on the company brand to build their team and customer base and instead are investing in developing their own personal brand to stand out in their own unique way.
  • For the first time, Instagram cracked into the top 3 as a favorite channel for new customer acquisition. Over 68% of consultants report they use Instagram for promotion, second only to Facebook which is still the #1 channel for direct sellers. Embracing Instagram specific content will be a key to success for 2022.


Opportunities Discovered for Direct Sales Companies


“With a nationwide shortage of qualified talent looking for opportunities, direct sales companies will start to feel the pinch of the “great resignation” if friction is not addressed. Preventative measures around technology and training will ensure that you keep your rockstar sales leaders happy and building,” says Becky Launder.


There are opportunities for direct sales companies to empower their sales teams through technology. “Modern direct sellers are sick of friction and that friction is stalling sales growth. Where is it? Friction is everywhere and the companies that target strategic friction improvement will be the ones that will see an explosive 2022,” says Becky Launder.



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