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Training can make or break a direct sales company, and your new consultants need the right training to set them up for success.

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These are average results and while I can’t guarantee success, I can guarantee you will have the best training resources to make this a reality for your direct sales business!

Give your consultants the #1 direct sales training program!
Equip your sales field with everything they need to build profitable and sustainable direct sales businesses.
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Becky Launder

Co-founder & CEO

Built by a former direct sales leader for your direct sales team

Unlike other LMS solutions, DirectFlo was built using the experience of an award winning multi-million dollar producing team leader and trainer.


Subscribers will always have the most up-to-date sales advice in an ever-changing digital landscape with unlimited updates.

Rest easy knowing you don’t need to stay on top of sales trends, you have the DirectFlo team.


Your sales field will be the first to receive the best training and advice from Modern Direct Seller® in days, not months.

The DirectFlo training platform is preloaded and ready to start helping your sales field.



Easily customize your DirectFlo LMS by adding your own branded training content.

Having your best training all in one place is essential to success.


DirectFlo is truly all-in-one!
We make sure you're set up for success by offering training development and consulting to build your solution.

Being able to deploy PixieLane University using the DirectFlo training platform allowed us to pull the industry’s best training, plus overlay training specific to our needs. Thanks to that and the incredible guidance by Becky – we have grown 50% YOY!

Yoni Kassar

CEO, PixieLane